Friday, June 8, 2012

Philip working at Tropfest....last weekend at The Cosmopolitan

Hey Everyone,

Philip worked last Sunday at a Festival, nothing like ours, it was more of a Event. But here are a couple Photos.....taken at The Cosmopolitan...

Our daughter and I were able to get in and watch the show and the finale, Awards show. It was OK. I didn't see any Locals there. The Atmosphere was Nice and the Band LP was Awesome, one of the problems was the Host was negative, and boring. He kept insulting or making fun of overweight people, I hope he doesn't do that on a regular basis, not good.

The Awards Show was not well put together or should I say very short, and I was saying to myself "where is the crowd"...there was None...but over all, it did not leave a lasting impression of where is the "WOW" factor, it flatlined.

I had just came from watching The Miss USA Pageant LIVE at PH (PLanet Hollywood) and walked over to meet Philip b/c he was working for this Festival, and the energy at this Event was not like the Excitement that just happened at the Miss USA Pageant...Oh well.

Actress/Model Sophie Marcus on the Black Carpet....

But, I loved the Boulevard Pool area, it was Awesome!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hahahaha ~ My Husband & Me at different ages...!

Here I am ~ at about 30 yrs. old ~ taken in Hollywood, California.

Philip about 20/21 years Old ~ Photo taken in Colorado...!

Hahahahaha ~ so funny to look at these Photo's...!

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus.....